The essence of summer is captured in a series of bright, happy semi abstract prints

Summer Days Series

Those tranquil colours of an autumn afternoon as the sun sets fall here in this beautiful series. 

Autumn Colour Series

The vibrant colour and passion of flowers can be found here.  A semi-abstract bouquet of colour and happiness just for you.

Floral Series

Movement, water, adventure, adrenaline and excitement - a salty tale awaits

Nautical Series

Bright colours of pashion and beauty surround us.  This series captures those feelings in easy, broad brushstrokes

Colour and Light

Intrigue and mystery awaits you in these abstracted cityscapes.  What can you make out?

Abstract Cityscapes

Capture the essence of that lazy summery feel - the warmth of the day and the fun with family and friends

Cafes and Beachside

Ever flowing, never lifting your pen, there is an energy and rhythm, gentle, flowing and powerful - like water.

Pen and Ink Washes in Print

Deep tones and broad brush strokes speak to you of texture and the tactile feel of velvet.

The 10x10s in Print