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An Artist in the Making

Hello, I am Narelle Callen and I am very pleased to welcome you to my Artist Blog.

Here you will read about my art journey, interests and things I have discovered during my short career as a practising artist. It is my hope that, if like me, you are starting out there might be some tips and ideas we can share.

Some of my posts will be about the development of ideas for paintings and artwork. I will post progressions of paintings, tell you about helpful products, books, podcasts and information I have discovered.

I also love to see art by other people and when I get a chance to do that I’ll post something here.

I’d love to hear from you too. So if you would like to send email or feedback please do.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my website mailing list to receive notices of when blogs are posted.

Follow me on Instagram ( ), where I mostly hang out. But if Facebook is your thing, I cross post to Facebook ( ) too.

Let’s get started.

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