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You know she quit her day job!

Yes, you read that correctly, I did quit my day job, and even before I had established myself as a viable art business. Most people don't say what they really think about that. Some have expressed concern for my future poverty. But you know, the people who really matter to me and those whose opinions I value and trust, have expressed nothing but support for me in this journey.

Twelve months ago I left my safe and permanent position in the corporate world. I had worked in this role for nearly ten years at the same company and before that another seven at a previous one. I had shown my staying power for sure. But while it paid well and the company was very accommodating with family life and the strange hours I kept as a parent, I was not creatively fulfilled. I needed to reinvent myself and my job and so far, in my new artistic life, I am very creatively fulfilled. Although it has been a big change for my family and especially my husband, we seem to be making it work.

Interestingly, my kids haven't really battered an eyelid between them. They readily accept that mum is an artist and I actually think they are quite proud of that idea.

Obviously, I am on the road to developing my brand, by business and more staying power. Wish me luck and good fortune.

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