Industrial elements can be quite mysterious, imposing and quite intriguing to me.  Cargo 3 has broken down these elements into their sculptural forms.

Open Edition Fine Art Print


This painting is part of my “Nautical Series”.  This series is about boats, water, wharfs and all the elements of a nautical adventure and its industrial aspect.

Artist: Narelle Callen - Copyright 2018.

Cargo 3 - Open Edition Print

  • From $120.00 AUD

    Open Edition Prints means there is no limit to the number of works printed.

    Available in 4 rectangular sizes 300 x 400mm; 400 x 500mm; 500 x 600mm; and 700 x 850mm

    Hand signed on the back

    Artist: Narelle Callen - Copyright 2017.

    Art Prints are unframed. Framing can be arranged. Please contact me for a price.