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Whenever I see grassy paddocks and feilds under an open sky, I photograph them.  I'm not sure why, I think it has to do with open space and freedom.

I especially take notice when the sky is dark and broody and the grass has tha bright yellow green tone to it.  I've been trying to paint that combination for a while now, and I think that this series is telling me what I want it to. 

  • Painted in acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas. 
  • Framed in spotted gum.
  • Framed Dimensions: 103 x 103 cm amd 5 cm deep.
  • Ready to hang, the painting includes a hanging wire. 
  • Signed on the lower right front.  Artist details and painting title is on the back of the canvas.
  • Copyright Narelle Callen, 2023.  All rights reserved.


Hold Onto Your Hat

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