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Working in the 10x10cm format – this Collection Titled "The Walk" is about odd things that catch your eye when you are out on a trail, bush walk or just strolling down a laneway.

The Collection includes 4 small works. This one " Inlet ", along with " Red Squares ", "Waterfall" and "Oncoming". The collection ties together in style and pallet. Buy them individually or as a set of 4.

Sold unframed, mounted in a standard 10x8" mount so that you can frame them to suit your setting.

They will hang together as a small foursome, as part of a gallery wall combination or individually in a small space.


Artist: Narelle Callen - Copyright 2019.


  • Medium: Acrylic on 300gsm paper.

    The painting measures 10cm x 10cm

    Unframed, mounted in a standard photo sized 10x8” mount with backing board.

    Unframed weight is  30 g

    The painting is unframed. Framing can be arranged at an additional charge.  Please contact me for a price.

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