About this Painting

Central to this painting stands a beautiful lady.  We can’t see her face, yet she is elegant and beautiful.  She stands with her friends and family watching, looking out to see.  We know her, she is familiar, she often features in my work, and although she is a fiction of the imagination, we see our mother, sister, daughter in her lovely profile and the gesture of her head, the shape of her shoulders, her hair pulled up high on her head. 

This painting is about the closeness of our friends and family. When we come together and experience the elements of nature that captivate and stimulate our senses. These are the moments that we remember, that become part of our souls.


In new work for 2019, I continue to explore the gestures and stances of people. How they convey their emotions, conversations, intensity through the stance and gestures. These are painted using broad brush strokes in a semi-abstract way. There is not much detail in the actual people of these paintings and it’s not necessary because you can read them from their body language, their shapes, the angle of the head.

Product Details

Original acrylic painting on gallery stretched canvas.

Artist: Narelle Callen - Copyright 2019.

Just Being Me

SKU: OANW19006
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

    The painting measures 76x76x4cm

    Unframed weight is 1.85kg

    The painting is unframed.  Sides are fully painted.  It includes a hanging wire and is  ready to hang.

    Signed by the artist on the lower right hand side and titled and dated on the back.

    Framing can be arranged at an additional charge.  Please contact me for a price.