About this Painting

Paddock is about the environment near where I live.  I live on a peninsula.  In one direction you have the sea, in another the city, in another vineyards and in the other farms and paddocks.  And this is where I found these cows.  I happen to love cows.  I find them so peaceful and gentle.  I know they are big – much bigger than me! But for all their mass, they are so tranquil and when I see them in the paddocks near here, they make me feel tranquil too.


Created for a new series called “When Summer Comes”, capturing the freedom and longing, the anticipation of summer.  The “ When Summer Comes” series explores the gestures and stances of people, our environment and the places we live near.  This landscape depicts beautiful cows.  How can you not love them.  They are tranquil and gentle.  The details are sketchy, making this painting a semi-abstract.  Perhaps can imagine or remember a similar scene. 


Acrylic on 325 gsm paper using multiple layers of transparent and opaque paint.

Signed on the lower right front of the painting and titled and signed on the back 

Framed in a raw oak frame and ready to hang

Artist: Narelle Callen - Copyright 2018.


  • Medium: Acrylic on paper.

    The painting measures 100 x 100 mm.  Framed it measures approx. 250 x 250mm square.

    Framed weight is  0.5 kg

    The painting is sold framed. It includes a hanging wire and glass.   It is ready to hang.

    It would suit a small space, or grouped as shown in a foursome, or add it to your gallery wall composition.

© 2020 by The Callen Collective. 

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