Sunset View from the dunes on the beach is a magical experience.  I haven’t seen it often myself as I live on the east coast of Australia.  But from certain places like Westernport in Victoria, or Moreton Island in Queensland you can experience this view.  And of course west coast dwellers will know what I mean.  Where else does this happen, can you tell me?

This painting is about the closeness of our friends and family.  When we come together and experience nature in a different way than usual – these times are magical and special because we remember them and they become part of our soul.  I have used a combination of warm and vibrant colours to express these close emotions


Original acrylic painting on gallery stretched canvas.


Artist: Narelle Callen - Copyright 2018.

Sunset View

  • Medium: Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

    The painting measures 76 x 101 x 4 cm (30x40 inches).

    Unframed weight is  0.8 kg

    The painting is sold unframed. Suggested framing would be a shadow frame in raw oak or black.