The Game is watched by thousands each year. Can you feel the thrill of it in the stance and gestures of the onlookers? People crane their necks to see the detail on the court below as the sun sets beyond the arena. Hear the umpire's call over the crowd. Who will be victorious this year? The heat in the air is nothing compared to the heat of the game.


The game is the quintessential summer sport because it is the only thing to watch. It's the main game. The fans go wild because of the excitement around them. The crowd stands cheering and you can hear it, feel it, touch it. If you love summer as much as I do, you can’t get past the Game.


If you love summer as much as I do, you can’t get past the Game. Wherever it is played the crowd are strong, the people fill the stands, the build up to the climatic ending will always win


Artist: Narelle Callen - Copyright 2018.

Original acrylic painting on gallery stretched canvas.


Created for a new series called “When Summer Comes”, capturing the freedom, longing, and anticipation of summer.

Artist: Narelle Callen - Copyright 2018.

The Game

  • Medium: Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

    The painting measures 101 x 101 x 4 cm (40 x 40 inches).

    Unframed weight is  3k g

    The painting is sold unframed. The sides are painting and it includes a hanging wire.  It is ready to hang as it is.  If you choose to frame it, suggested framing would be a shadow frame in raw oak or black.

© 2020 by The Callen Collective. 

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