Tidal Pools is an abstract seascape.  The original was done on paper as one of a set of 4 small paintings from the Seafoam Collection.  The paintings were prepared over a dark ground and using wet on wet technique they were painted forward from dark to light.  Scratches in the surface layer reveal the dark ground underneath.  These represent the seagrasses on the beach.  The paintings are influenced by the sea – the moving, rolling, foaming sea as it crashes and melts into the sand on the shore of the beach.    The colours are ones that I love to use and include turquoise, prussian blue, ochre yellow, white and magenta.  Once the painting was complete, Tidal Pools was named for white pools that appear in the foreground at the edge of the receding sea. 


Tidal Pools is influenced by my childhood holidays at the beach.  When the tide was out and the deep gutters were revealed by the shallower water, we would wade and relax in these calmer pools, as the waves gently washed in over the newly revealed sand bars beyond.

Tidal Pools

  • From $30.00 AUD

    Limited editions of 25 prints per size, once sold out they are not reprinted.

    Available in 3 sizes 200x200mm 300 x 300mm 400x400mm

    Hand signed and numbered on the back

    Artist: Narelle Callen - Copyright 2019.

    Fine Art Prints are unframed. Framing can be arranged. Please contact me for a price

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