Imagine Turquoise Poppies in your garden on a hot summer day – they smell divine and the colours remind you of a the cool Adriatic Sea.

This Art Print is printed as an Open Edition.


This painting is released as the first of a new Floral Series. 

Artist: Narelle Callen - Copyright 2018.

Turquoise Poppies - Open Edition Print

  • From $21.00 AUD

    Open Edition Prints means there is no limit to the number of works printed.

    Available in 4 rectangular sizes (A5, A4) and Square sizes (350 x 350mm, 450 x 450mm, 650x 650mm)

    Hand signed on the back

    Artist: Narelle Callen - Copyright 2017.

    Art Prints are unframed. Framing can be arranged. Please contact me for a price.