Trade Promotion Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Entry

The Terms and Conditions of entry into the Trade Promotion Lottery (hereby called the Draw), to be conducted by The Callen Collective over the period of 19 – 22nd July 2018 are provided in writing below and are in accordance with the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation for Trade Promotion Lotteries.

  • The Draw is conducted over 4 days from 19th July at the Décor Design Melbourne Event and closes as at close of Event on 22nd July 2018. 

  • The Prize: The winning entry will win an original 10cm x 10cm Narelle Callen Painting, Acrylic on Paper, Framed. 

  • Entry to the Draw is free and requires a business or person to provide their contact details to The Callen Collective or Narelle Callen during the Décor Design Melbourne event held between 19th and 22nd July in Melbourne.

  • No preconditions to have taken part in any other lottery, gaming or gambling activities exist for entry into the Draw

  • The purpose of the Draw is to obtain contact details of people and business’ interested in remaining in contact with The Callen Collective and or Narelle Callen.  This means to receive news, information and marketing promotions, from time to time, from The Callen Collective or directly from Narelle Callen, the owner and proprietor of The Callen Collective.

  • Details of the Draw:

    1. The closing date of the Draw to win the original painting by Narelle Callen as stated above is Close of business on Sunday 22nd July 2018.

    2. The winner will be drawn from the collected names on Thursday 26th July 2018.

    3. The Draw will take place at Mount Eliza, 3930, the business place of The Callen Collective.

    4. The Winner will be contacted directly by Narelle Callen within 24 hours of the Draw taking place.  The winner’s name will be announced in  The Callen Collective Blog which will be distributed to everyone who has entered.

    5. The entry requirements are that all entrants must provide a valid Name, Business Name (if applicable), Email Address, Contact Phone Number, to qualify for entry into the Draw.

  • The prize, as stated above  is valued at $75.

  • The winners of prizes will be advised in writing (via email) of the prize

  • Records of the number of entries, the date of the lottery and the drawing of the winning entry will be kept for a period of three years after finalisation of the lottery

  • The method of  the draw will allow each ticket in the draw a random and equal chance of being drawn.  The process of the draw will be witness by a minimum of 1 other person who is not eligible to enter the draw.

  • The winner of a prize will not incur a cost to accept a prize.

  • Information obtained from entrants to the Draw will not be used for any other purposes that that stated above. 

  • The Draw is being conducted by The Callen Collective.  No other business is involved in the process of the Draw or will have access to the information collected as part of the Draw.

  • Entrants to the Draw are not required to be present at the Drawing of the winning entry.

  • The prize will be transferred to the winner within 28 days after the draw.

  • The winner of a prize may only be substituted via a second draw, and only if the conditions of entry allow it and if reasonable efforts were made to identify the winner that were unsuccessful.

  • This trade promotion Draw is conducted in such a way that it is not offensive and that is not contrary to the public interest

  • The Callen Collective reserves the right to substitute the prize for a  prize of the same or greater value than the original prize if the original prize is unavailable due to circumstances beyond all reasonable control of The Callen Collective.  Should it become necessary to substitute the prize, the winner will be notified in writing and written permission obtained to agree to the substitution of the prize in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of conducting Trade Promotion Lotteries in Victoria.