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Narelle Callen is a fine artist and pattern designer, based in Victoria, Australia.


Her love of the local landscape, flowers, the sea and beaches are brought to life in her colourful, intriguing landscapes and some of these details find their way into her finely executed pattern designs. 

Narelle has been artistic all her life.  She graduated with distinction in design from Queensland University of Technology and has worked in architecture and interior design completing a masters of project management from RMIT in Victoria.  She worked on large engineering projects for 17 years before returning full circle to design and art where she has once again, found her happiest place.

Narelle brings her love of colour, shape, texture and line to life in her contemporary landscapes and pattern designs for textiles and products.

For Narelle, painting and design are the ultimate balancing act of challenge and reward.  She always begins with a sketch or drawing to plan out her canvas or pattern.  When she is painting, she responds intuitively to the shapes, flow and structure of the painting in its early stages, refining the palette, brush marks and textures as the painting progresses.  When designing patterns for textiles and prints, she looks for and responds to the same flow and balance.  Hand drawings and sketches are converted to digital repeats that can be applied to fabric, products and surfaces. 

In her spare time, you will find her painting, sewing, making things, running around with her dog and enjoying family time with her husband and two children. 

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