About Narelle Callen 

Narelle is an artist painting abstract landscapes and figures of character and determination.  She is based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  Her surrounding hills, vineyards and beaches inspire her to paint happiness with energetic brushwork, colour, marks, texture and movement.

I am Narelle Callen, the creative director of The Callen Collective.    I have always loved to draw, paint, design and create to produce beautiful things and to solve problems. My background is in project management and industrial design. Along the way, I have worked in many areas unrelated to the creative industries, it's not surprising though, that I have finally come full circle and am now doing what I truly love to do. 

All the work you see on this site is original and created by me for my business the Callen Collective.  If you see something you like, or if you think I can help you put the finishing touches to your idea or space, get in touch with me - I would love to help. 

What People Say About My Work

“I love the light, the movement, the vibrancy of the colour.  It is so refreshing”.  "Ahh, it is just like the image online.  You can feel the heat in that painting, it radiates off the wall and the Sea Bather is so beautiful.  I love it.  It will be my Christmas present to myself." Dr Lizzy Gascoigne Victoria.

As a climber, i really relate to the "Inclines".  Those rough inclines on the mountains really resonate with my experience.  RE Victoria

"...for my 40th I chose 'The Cove'. I couldn't be happier with it - thank you.  We have finally hung it and it looks beautiful." Holly Bartlett Perth, WA. 

"We hung the painting today (Ocean Cafe), it looks fantastic. Jane Novembre Victoria". 

"Your work makes me smile. I'm so drawn to the colours you use and the places you paint are places of joy for me. Harbour Cafe is one of my current favourites" Amanda Jacobs Victoria

"They (the prints)  have arrived safely and we love them". Ros Curry  United Kingdom. 

"It makes me smile when ever I look at it (One Day, One Day, You and Me).  I love it."  Tracey Carter 

New Zealand

Narelle Callen The Inclines.jpg
Sea Bather Original
The Inclines Original 
The Cove Original
Ocean Cafe Original
One Day, One Day,
You and Me Original

Imagining the Replay, by Narelle Callen 2019

"Thank you, I now have this beautiful artwork in my Home".  Peta Cappello. 

Sold through Satch & Co Gallery, Holbrook, NSW. 

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