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Island Mapping is the latest contemporary landscape collection of original art by Narelle Callen.  Island Mapping is inspired by sand islands, the bay and that lovely turquoise water that she dreams about.  The collection is abstracted images of the coast line around Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, but with a tropical twist.  Contemporary Spring Summer colours for 23/24 are used in these paintings.  They include the current Viva Magenta for 2023 along with the longevity of pastels, warm pinks, browns and the jewel colours that form the sailing boats.  This collection allows you to see and feel summer, the beach, holidays and beautiful tropical water every day of the year.


Original contemporary landscapes.  Inspired by the sea, shipping, wharves, light, landforms and harbours, these new artworks are about the deep blue of the sea.  This is an inspiring theme for me and one which seems to recur in my work.  I love the deep blues in paintings. You will find yourself enveloped by the mist and the quiet peacefulness of these works. Contemporary colour palettes. 


Original contemporary landscapes inspired by the pink of the sunset over the bay.  A limited collection of paintings using a delicate blend of 23/24 contemporary colour palettes including fondant pinks, digital lavender, malachite greens, pastels and tangerine oranges and apricots. This collection is prepared using acrylic, mixed media and collage on stretched canvas.  Works on paper in the collection are also available. 


Contemporary landscapes inspired by the hills, beaches and seaside of landscape around me.  In this collection I have painted the folds, textures, colours and shades of the landscape that surrounds us.  These jewel colours are well matched to the 23/24 colour trends.  The details and nuances of the painters marks are the language of this Rolling Hills collection.  Curves and forms creating the rolling hills are sometimes true and often exaggerated.   The colours, marks, textures and collage paint you a story of movement, open space, dimension.  Feelings of joy in some, calm in others. The gentle flow of water, the views across the bay.  In each one, I have painted open space.  Space and landscape to move and breathe within. 

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