All original and printed artwork is unframed, unless specified in the description of the work.  If you would like to arrange framing please EMAIL ME with your phone number so we can discuss what you need. 


Framing will add to the cost of your item and will add up to 21 working days to the delivery, but may save you some time or effort.  

For international buyers, local framing for both original and fine art prints might be a better and more cost effective option, as the weight of the frame will add to the cost of the overall shipping.  

Out of Stock

Items showing "out of stock"

If you see anything you like and it shows as "out of stock", please get in touch with me.  Some items can be restocked within 7 - 10 days.


If a Limited Edition Print is showing as "Out of Stock", you might need to choose a different size as once the Limit has been reached for that size, the Limited Edition Print will not be reprinted.

Original Art is one off only, but it may be available as a reproduction giclee print.  If you like the work, but the size is not to your specifications, I might be able to create a similar work for you in the right size as a commission. 

Please enquire by emailing me info@callencollective.com.au