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Out of Stock

Items showing "out of stock"

If you see anything you like and it shows as "out of stock", please get in touch with me.  Some items can be restocked within 7 - 10 days.


If a Limited Edition Print is showing as "Out of Stock", you might need to choose a different size as once the Limit has been reached for that size, the Limited Edition Print will not be reprinted.

Original Art is one off only, but it may be available as a reproduction Giclee print. See note below about Reproduction Prints.

Please enquire by emailing me



All original and printed artwork is unframed, unless specified in the description of the work.  If you would like to arrange framing please EMAIL ME with your phone number so we can discuss what you need. 


Framing will add to the cost of your item and will add up to 21 working days to the delivery, but may save you some time or effort.  

For international buyers, local framing for both original and fine art prints might be a better and more cost effective option, as the weight of the frame will add to the cost of the overall shipping.  

Reproduction Prints

Do you sell reproduction prints?


For every original painting that is made, I take a high resolution photograph or scan which can be used to make a high quality reproduction print as either a limited edition or an open edition.

The prints are Giclee prints, which basically means they are produced as high quality, archival quality, ink jet prints on cotton rag paper.  They can also be produced on canvas, at special request.

If I am Out of Stock on an original that you particularly liked, please enquire about a reproduction print, by emailing me


Do you do commissions?

Yes!  Yes, I will take on a commission if I feel I can help you and there will be a clear understanding between us. 

I work within a strict agreement, which I am happy to provide you upon request.

If you like a work, but the size or colours are not to your specifications, I might be able to create a similar work for you as a commission.


In order to make this process go as smoothly as possible, please contact me to discuss your needs, including the colours, size, substrate (canvas or paper) or particular feel you are trying to capture. 


If I can help you, I ask for a non-refundable 30% payment upfront.  I provide sketches, stage photos, and if we are not locked down because of covid, you are even welcome to visit my studio to see progress. However,  I will caution you, if you have approved the sketches, the colours, and the painting at the 80% stage, I will not accept changes after that point.  Once you have paid the full cost, and the painting is delivered to you, you will have 8 days to live with it and confirm it meets your specification.  I do not refund the full cost of the painting at any time, but if you are not happy and contact me within 8 days of receipt, you are entitled to received 70% of your payment back and return the work, undamaged.  If 8 days pass and you do not contact me, I do not return the payment and will not accept returns.  It is now yours to hang or sell on as you wish.  I do not make copies of this work for reproduction sales or prints, but will use images of the work for promotion only.    If you choose to on-sell the work, as the originator of the artwork, it is my right to claim 10% of the on-sale price. 

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