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Hello Art Lover

Announcing the opening of “The October Show”. A collection of work by the artist members of the Peninsula Studio Trail (PST). Opening 14th October, The October Show is an online exhibition you can browse at your leisure and buy directly from the individual artist. The exhibition runs until 12 December, so plenty of time to browse, consider and reflect on the works.

This year, I am very proud to be a part of this talented group. There will be six paintings from my Rolling Hills Collection included in the exhibition.

My new collection of velvety green and turquoise paintings has been brewing all year. It is inspired by my local landscape and the bay of the peninsula. The paintings are contemporary landscapes of rolling grassy hills, turquoise sea blues and magenta pinks. The colours are rich and vibrant and are sure to add life to your walls. I feel like I have invoked a new season of spring right here in my studio because these colours are beautifully rich and full of life.

Let me give you a bit of background on their development. We have been in various forms of lock down for a while now, contained within our 5 km radius. While it has felt restraining, finding meaning in the details of the landscape has been a great personal growth and learning experience.

The work evokes open spaces with long swathes of hills, valleys and byways. That long country drive you’ve been longing to do with your family or best friend is right here captured and translated onto my canvases. The greens tell you about the spring grass and meadows of the countryside, or bush tracks and walks. While the blues are deep water, sometimes tropical and sometimes a wide ocean or harbour. These are places I have longed to see, touch and smell. The detail marks and lines are light, movement, conversations and communities. Light is always an important part of my paintings, and these are no different. Horizons, sky and views across the bay are right here in colour, textures and marks.

Inspiration for these paintings is the landscape around me, the bush tracks we walk on. The grassy meadows and fields of the open spaces we walk in. The bay and beaches I am luck enough to have within my 5km zone. Those elements of beauty, awe and enjoyment that we’ve all missed have been captured in the essence of these paintings.

Looking back through work from previous years, I found a strong connection and progression from early work. The current body of artwork is an exciting, beautiful palette of colours and shapes, textures, brush strokes and lines that seem to follow me around. While I was making the new work, I hadn’t realised that this style of work has a clear provenance in my previous artwork. I enjoyed making these paintings so much, the planning, development, process, blending and mark making has been a joy for me.

A preview of few photos and details below is included here for you. You can see how beautiful and vibrant they are. I’d be very interested to know what you see in the shapes and overall pictures. While each painting has its own title, you might see other scenes or places that they remind you of. Drop me an email, because I’ve love to know.

You can contact me directly if there is anything that interests you. The six works for the exhibition are all listed on my website, along with several others from the same collection. You are very welcome to contact me via email if you would like more details.

Click here for direct links to the PST exhibition “THE OCTOBER SHOW”

See my Rolling Hills Collection on my website here.

If you’d like to join my email list, a signup page is here for your convenience.

Stay safe and well.

Narelle. x

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