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The Friday Files - by The Callen Collective

The Friday Files introduces you to the artists of the Mornington Peninsula.

This week I've been talking to the lovely people at Unframed-Art, an organisation raising money for palliative care for Peninsula Home Hospice.

A few years ago (just before the lock down) I prepared a painting that was to be included in a silent auction for a charity fund raising organisation called Unframed-Art. And, well, you can guess what happened! Nothing could happened for the next two years and you know why.

It is therefore, with great pleasure, pomp and ceremony that Unframed Art has announced its long awaited, much anticipated, amazingly supported, 2023 Unframed-Art Auction to be held between 20th - 27th March 2023 as an online silent auction.

The 2023 Unframed-Art Auction includes original artwork donated by 48 Mornington Peninsula based artists (or artists with some association with the Peninsula). While none of the artists are identified, there will be styles and work you recognise. All the paintings are up for auction and the highest bidder will claim the painting they have bid on.

Looking at the images of the works available, I can identify at least 6 or 7 artists in there, some of whom are very collectable. If you know an artist’s work or style, you can make a good guess who created it.

To join in the fun of this silent art auction, from your very own home, all you have to do is register your interest between now until the 20th March. Once you’ve registered, you will receive an automatic link to access the bidding platform when the gates open for the first bids on the 20th March.

But just before we get there, some details might be helpful. Who and what is Unframed-Art, and what is it all about?

Unframed-Art is a fund-raising arm of Peninsula Home Hospice. A palliative care organisation, that provides FREE in-home palliative care help that optimises the quality of life and honours the hope for comfort, choice, dignity and peace for its clients.

On the whole, the palliative care service is free to its clients. If an individual client requires specialist equipment, the client may have to contribute to the cost of supplying this. It is jointly funded by a combination of government support and the fund-raising efforts of a few platforms like Unframed-Art. Peninsula Home Hospice raises approximately 5 – 10% of its funding through charity events like this art auction, golf days, the best op-shop on the Peninsula at Red Hill, and other projects planned throughout the year. If art is your thing, then this is the event for you. Knowing that the funds you are helping to raise make such a difference to so many people in their last stages of life, is a privilege.

Unframed-Art, held its first silent art auction in 2019 with great success and participation. With some artworks fetching several hundreds in bids. It was conceived by the volunteers who raise funds for the Peninsula Home Hospice, all of whom, I might add, individually bring a lifetime of experience to the job they do, be it marketing, fund raising, artist liaison and networking. Not only a lifetime of experience but a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, kindness and genuine caring about what they do and how they can make a difference.

I am very proud to include my work in this auction. I can’t tell you which one it is of course, because, all the paintings are unsigned on the front, so you can’t see who the artist is. Each painting bears the artist’s name on the back for authentication and provenance.

Each piece is the same size (45 x 35 cm) and some artists have chosen to use them in either landscape of portrait format. Stretched, premium quality, canvases were generously donated by Southern Buoy Art Framers. All are unframed but include a hanging wire on the back and are ready to hang on your wall.

Bidding starts on the 20th March and continues until the auctioneer’s hammer drops on the 27th March. As I mentioned before, you need to be registered to place your bid. Follow the link below to complete this. When bidding opens you will receive a link to (who are managing the bidding on behalf of Unframed-Art).

Unframed Art has made the whole process very simple for you. Their website is:

Click the links on the home page to see the art available and to register your name to bid.

Follow the auction as it progresses between the 20th – 27th March. Enjoy the fun of it and good luck.

Below are some snippets of some of the artwork being auctioned.

Thank you to Stuart Nussey and Marilyn Cunnington, from Unframed-Art, for being part of my blog this week. It was a great pleasure to talk with you.

Artwork images copied with permission from Unframed-Art

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